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Archive for: June, 2013

Projects I’m working on: May, 21st 2017 update

Image:  Working hard at the ArtAndFeminism 2015 Edit-A-Thon at the Lloyd Hotel Amstedam by Postmodemgrrrl Good day people! Today I want to share with you a little peak into what I’m working on. I try to write an average of 500 words a day, and I’ve mostly kept up with my goal in the last…

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Suzy of the House of Miller

Hi folks, it’s Friday! Which means, above all, that my first story is up on my Patreon page! I must admit I’m quite nervous and excited about it. You may be thinking “Yep, not a patron…” and it’s totally fine, I’ll publish the story also here on my blog next Friday. I could publish it directly,…

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Italian is for rich people

Image: a miniature Danish-Norwegian-French dictionary. Photograph by Tomasz Sienicki […]la vanità di chi vuole col suo proprio arbitrio dar norme al parlare e allo scrivere. Le norme sono quelle dell’uso delle persone colte;[…] The quote above is taken from the second edition of the “Vocabolario della lingua italiana” (Vocabulary of the Italian language) written by Nicola Zingarelli…

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Patreon & Content schedule

Image credit: Crowd at the Bret Michaels Concert at Zucchinifest 2013 by JacobGilford   This post serves both as an announcement and as a personal reminder. The announcement is quite easy to guess: I’ve started my Patreon page. My plan is to post my content there on a monthly basis. So, for example, I have a…

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Writing in English while not native

Image credit: Mantova, profilo della città by Massimo Telò   My name might have given me away, I’m Italian. So why did I decide to write in English? I’m not really sure. Italian feels way easier to me. My vocabulary is bigger and I don’t have to research how to spell words (well, most of the…

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Am I a writer?

Hey, I have a blog! I completely forgot I had one! Cool! No, I didn’t forget. It’s way more simple: I haven’t done anything worth talking about in the last 2 years. I survived mostly, crawling through life day by day, without a real purpose. But things have changed recently. I understood what was behind…

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