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Brandon Sanderson’s online writing course (free!)

Good day people! Today I want to share with you a link. If you are, like me, an aspiring author you surely have heard of Brandon Sanderson’s online courses. If you hadn’t, let me introduce him a little.

Brandon Sanderson is an acclaimed fantasy and scifi author. He wrote an insane amount of books in the last 15~ years and some of them are amazingly good, like “best fantasy of this decade” level of goodness.

Part of his success is to be credited to his approach to writing. I can’t find the exact part of the video where he says it, but trust me, this is a decent paraphrase:

Writing is a craft and an art. As a craft you should hone and improve it, by keeping writing. To the point where your mental muscles know what to do before you have to think about it, like an artist do.

He spent many years improving his methodology, and he’s willing to share it to the biggest possible audience. So every year he teaches fantasy and scifi writing at Brigham Young University, and every year his lessons are recorded and uploaded on YouTube, for anyone to access.

Here’s the link to my YouTube playlist for 2016’s course.

I’m following it for the second time (first time it was the 2012’s course) and it’s mindblowing again. I think he’s an amazing teacher, and he also focuses both on the creative aspect of writing and on the “job” aspect, with lectures on how to find editors and agents, differences between traditional and self publishing, etc etc.

I think that any aspiring author could benefit from this. Especially if you want to write 1) professionally and 2) scifi and fantasy.

I hope you find it useful. Have a good day!

Posted on May 31, 2017 in links & tips, writing

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