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A story about my #MerMay story

Image: K 626, Requiem mass in D minor, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart from the Austrian National Library, Codex 17561b, folio 87/33 (recto).

Good day people! I recently wrote a song to fit into a short story. It’s kind of a funny story, and I thought maybe it would be funny also for you to read. The story I was going to write was the short story for #MerMay, the protagonist was a welsh singer (of course she secretly is a mermaid!) and I wanted to add something that reminded me of these elements, so I decided to go with a welsh folk song. In my original plan, in the first scene she would have been singing the song in a club.

I’m not a song writer nor a singer, but I do have some background in music: I studied piano for seven years when I was younger and took a couple of workshop related to speaking and singing more recently, in my little quest to become an actor.

What I did for this song was find something similar. I had it easy cause welsh folk song are basically poetry (I suggest you this one, it’s amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nrkgdj0bVAo ). I figured out what was a good length, in terms of syllables, for each verse and then wrote my “story” in form of poetry, adding rhymes when needed. That was the easy part.

Then I wanted to make sure it “sounded” right when sang. So I started my recording software and sang it. The metric was awful, all the verse were too long or too short. This is where my background in music helped me. I set up an online metronome. It took me a couple of blind try to find a rhythm suitable to me, so I wouldn’t end up without breath, and then I started editing the song, verse by verse, until I found a composition of words with the same meaning but a better metric.

I did not think actively about the sounds of the words, but I do think my subconscious played a part in that, cause it sounds better than I expected. I asked a couple of friends for feedback and it was quite positive.

In fact I was so satisfied with it that the song became my entry for #MerMay. I’ll release it on my Patreon page next Monday, and of course here on my blog the next Monday.

I hope you enjoyed this post. See you soon!

Posted on May 26, 2017 in writing

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