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Am I a writer?

Hey, I have a blog! I completely forgot I had one! Cool!

No, I didn’t forget. It’s way more simple: I haven’t done anything worth talking about in the last 2 years. I survived mostly, crawling through life day by day, without a real purpose.

But things have changed recently. I understood what was behind some depression phases I lived (I’m hugely meteoropathic) and I found a renewed interest in one of my oldest hobbies: writing fantasy and science fiction.

I started reading fantasy and sci-fi when I was a teenager. I devoured The Lord of the Rings, Foundation, Dune, Shannara and many, many more. And when I was 25~ish I also wrote some short story. Then I gave them to a friend of mine to read. She was graduating in modern literature and I thought I could get some good feedback. Unfortunately (for both) I wasn’t ready for people judging my work. I don’t remember very well, but I think the feedbacks were not that harsh. I couldn’t accept that my work was anything short that “very good”. And so years passed and I haven’t written anything in 10+ years.

This until a month ago. I gained some weight in the last three years, and with the spring I started walking. After a walk I stopped to get a drink and I felt the need to put down words about a prompt I had in mind. Letters flowed out of the keyboard. I cannot explain how easy it felt, like that was the first time in my life I was doing something I felt I was good at.

So I wrote a short story, about a thousand words. And the next day I started another one, which I finished on the third day and counter two thousands words. And then I started searching for online courses, and writing tips, and writing blogs, and I really felt like I was meant to do it.

Skip ahead a month a dozen thousands words and we are here. I will resuscitate this blog, but it will mostly cover my thoughts about writing, links to useful resources, rants, and eventually short stories (although I’m also thinking about a Patreon page, so they will go there first, and maybe later find a space here on my website).

So, welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy it!

Posted on May 10, 2017 in writing

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Design, book layout and typesetting are my passions. I love to take a work and make it as readable and appealing as possible. Right now I’m working on several projects as a freelance graphic designer and book layout artist.

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