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Install InDesign CS6 on Adobe Creative Cloud

If you work in one of the numerous branch of design, I’m sure you heard of the new Creative Cloud edition of the Adobe suite. It comes with frequent and useful update, and doesn’t ask you to pay some thousands money (euros or dollars) upfront to buy it. Now you can pay a relatively low…

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Hi everyone. Today I want to share a post with something I did. It’s not that much, only some cover for imaginary books I did while studying Amazon’s standards for ebook’s covers. Amazon standard are really messed up, and the double limitation on thumbnails (both pixel size and byte size) Gave me a hard time. But…

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New Project: Against the Dark Yogi

Having a blog means that I can boast a little about my projects.This one is something I’m liking a lot. I’m working with Tab Creations LLC on their new RPG, called Against The Dark Yogi. It’s an high action roleplaying game with an interesting twist on the setting side: mythical India! I’m enjoying myself a lot working…

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