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Masks, Voices & Selves

Summer is over and I thought it’d be nice to write about one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. At the end of August I went to a workshop called “Masks, Voices & Selves” held by british actress, coach and playwright Sam Chittenden, in collaboration with actor, teacher and playwright Fabio Ambrosini. I joined…

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Today I want to talk about discipline and training. Every time I go to a new theater lesson the first thing I do is to think up every word my masters told me: raise stakes, do something while on stage, smile, think ahead of the moment, put all the energy in every movement or line…

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So, let’s talk about the biggest elephant that ever walked into a room. And not because none talks about it, oh noes, everyone is talking about it nowadays. But, to me, all this talking about “immersion” is shifting the attention away from the real problem: having fun. It may seems obvious, but when we play…

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Improvisation and Roleplay

I’m finally able to start my blog. I always wanted a place to write my thoughts, but right now I think it’s mandatory. I’m working as a freelancer, and I use every single chance my life gives me to improve. But, to really improve, to really metabolize a new experience, you need to spend a…

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