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Install InDesign CS6 on Adobe Creative Cloud

If you work in one of the numerous branch of design, I’m sure you heard of the new Creative Cloud edition of the Adobe suite.

It comes with frequent and useful update, and doesn’t ask you to pay some thousands money (euros or dollars) upfront to buy it. Now you can pay a relatively low monthly fee (about 60ā‚¬) and have access to all the apps of the Adobe series, from InDesign, to Photoshop, to Premiere, to the new webdesign series (Muse, Animate, Reflow, Edge).

And you can also have access to the old CS6 versions of those software if you need it. Or you can?

This is an important question, especially if you use InDesign like with, which is very picky when it come to previous versions and back compatibility.

So, can you install CS6 on Adobe CC?

Short answer: yes you can. But it took me about an hour to find a way to do it, cause they recently changed their website layout, and all the howto I found on Google was written for the old layout. So, after wasting an hour of trial and error to find the right sequence of button to hit to solve this puzzle, I’ve decided to write this short howto guide, in the hope of helping other people. I have time, I need to wait for my CS6 version of InDesign to finish its installation. šŸ™‚

So, first of all, you need a Creative Cloud membership active. Then you need to open your Creative Cloud updater (this version is in Italian, but the layout is the same for all languages, you just need to find the correct place to look for).

Then you need to navigate to the “Apps” tab on the top.

Then you need to scroll down to the “Find new App” section.

Then you need to press the filter on the right side, and choose to filter the apps by “Older Versions”

It should now display all the Apps that have a previous version that you can install on your PC.

Now you only need to chose which app you want to install, lets say Photoshop, click on the “Install” button on the right of the app and select which version do you want to install.

That’s all. Wait for it to download and install the app, in the meantime write a blog post.

Hope this was of help to someone.

Posted on August 14, 2014 in design

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