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New Project: Against the Dark Yogi

Having a blog means that I can boast a little about my projects.This one is something I’m liking a lot. I’m working with Tab Creations LLC on their new RPG, called Against The Dark Yogi. It’s an high action roleplaying game with an interesting twist on the setting side: mythical India!

I’m enjoying myself a lot working on it, doing the cover design, margin art and the internal layout of the book. The artworks are really spot on, and all the books just feels really inspired.


If you’re interested you can check the kickstarter of the game here , or directly the publisher’s site here .

Posted on April 11, 2014 in design

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Design, book layout and typesetting are my passions. I love to take a work and make it as readable and appealing as possible. Right now I’m working on several projects as a freelance graphic designer and book layout artist.

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