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On the future of me (and this blog)

I think I made a decision about my general “social media” and “internet” presence. I’m going to ditch my writing blog. More precisely, I’m going to stop updating it with my writing stuff, I’ll keep it for my design job. And I’ll move all my writing on my Patreon page. This will result in less work for me, and hopefully more content for my followers.
I’ve a story in progress, which I’m heavily plotting. It’s taking me some times cause I’m a pantser, this is my first time plotting. But I’m liking it. It’s like all the idea are now boiling together, giving themselves even more energy. I feel I visualize scenes better.
Aside from this story (no ETA on it) I have a very nice prompt for some short stories about mixing fantasy tropes with intersectionality.
This prompt btw, heavily recomended. Thanks to @jonnywaistcoat for it https://twitter.com/jonnywaistcoat/status/892343665921855488
I also want to start writing articles again, I really liked the ones I made a couple of months ago, and I just wrote a nice piece on Reddit about a panteser (me) turning to plotting. I’ll need to refine it a little, but I think it’s interesting.
If you want to follow it more closely, here’s my Patreon page https://www.patreon.com/paolobosi
I plan on releasing all my content free for everyone for now, but patrons will see it a week before the other, and will get PDF/EPUB too.
PS I totally need to redo my Patron video. I know. Sorry for it. Love you all!

Posted on August 3, 2017 in design, writing

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Design, book layout and typesetting are my passions. I love to take a work and make it as readable and appealing as possible. Right now I’m working on several projects as a freelance graphic designer and book layout artist.

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