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Patreon & Content schedule

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This post serves both as an announcement and as a personal reminder.

The announcement is quite easy to guess: I’ve started my Patreon page. My plan is to post my content there on a monthly basis. So, for example, I have a story ready. I’ll post it this Friday May, 19th on my Patreon. All my patrons get to see the story first, and they have the chance to comment on it, or give always appreciated feedbacks, for a week. The next Friday (in our example May, 26th) I’ll post the story here on my blog too, possibly also in some e-format like PDF or EPUB.

I’ll do videos also and post them in the same way Patreon first, although since I’m not set on a precise format yet I’ll say nothing more.

The call is quite obvious: if you can and will give me support on my Patreon I’ll really appreciate it. Also, since it’s my first time working on a similar platform, I’m very open to suggestions and feedbacks.

The second part of the post is about my schedule. I’m putting some effort into this writing thing. I love writing and it comes so easy to me, but all the other related stuff not very much, so I thought of giving myself a fixed schedule to follow, to push me into some good habits. I’ve opened a couple of social networks’ accounts related to this, here are the links and the expected schedules for them:

FaceBook: 1 post/day – Monday through Friday

I have a personal account on Facebook, which is mostly in Italian and for friends and family, so on this account I’ll talk pretty much only about writing, mine mostly but not only.

Twitter: 1 post/day – Monday through Friday
Google+: 1 post/day – Monday through Friday

These are a little different, cause I don’t have separate accounts on these social networks. If you already follow me there, I’ll try to keep the self promotional stuff at a decent rate, as my intention is to engage in social platforming, not selling.

YouTube: no fixed schedule

At the moment my YT channel exists, but has not fixed schedule. I’ll release content, but since it’s not my main focus its in last place when it comes to producing content.

Blog: 3 post/week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9AM CET

These would be the long posts, like this one, or stories, or possibly videos. I’d like to have, in the end, an easily accessible archive.

Patreon: 1 post/month – Release always on Friday; one week of early access to my content

The content will be mainly stories, but in rare cases it may be a video, or a very long and detailed blog post about an argument I feel for.

For now, this is all.

Posted on May 15, 2017 in writing

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