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Projects I’m working on: May, 21st 2017 update

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Good day people!

Today I want to share with you a little peak into what I’m working on. I try to write an average of 500 words a day, and I’ve mostly kept up with my goal in the last month, if we also include translating and some things I discarded. But sometimes my mind wanders and no words comes up to me about the project I’m focusing on, so I’ve got three brewing and I switch between them when I need some refreshment.

My first project in a series of short stories collected under the name of “History and Myth of the Orcs’ Invasions“ (for short HMO). They are the first four stories I wrote during April 2017. I wrote them in Italian and after finishing each of them I knew they needed some editing. So I’m translating them in English, and at the same time putting some finishing touch. The first one I’ve already published on my Patreon page. They are a little strange as I don’t have a title for them. They are written as memories and journals of war, so the first paragraph is basically an introduction to the race who wrote them, here the first:

Extract from “Reports of the firsts contacts”. Planet X-2HHR6A by the name of Camichi. Viewpoint from a member of the native race of the Flozarin. A day before the invasion.

As I said there are three more, each one longer and I think also better, but at the moment I don’t plan on writing another one, unless I’ve translated them all. They are still far from perfect, or possibly even good. But I’m proud of my writing even if I know it’s not perfect, that’s why I’m publishing them anyway.

The second project is actually a series of projects. Mostly random unrelated short stories. If I find a prompt I like or if something comes up to my mind, I simply write it down in my spreadsheet and I go back to it when I need inspiration. Part of this project is the first chapter of a novel I’ll never write, cause I started writing it in Italian but I don’t want to continue writing it in Italian, and I don’t think it’s a story I want to write in English. Also part of this project is the short story I plan to write this week about mermaid, for my personal MerMay. Usually my short story are around 2 or 3 thousand words.

Third and last project, for now, it’s an actual novel. I took a prompt I really liked (no spoilers) and I’m writing about it. I’ve also done some outlining for it, I know who the protagonist is, what kind of story I’m writing, who’re the other characters. I think it’s probably a YA novel in an unbar fantasy setting, but this what emerged from the story, not a thing I planned. YA cause the protagonist is 18 years old, urban fantasy cause it’s in a contemporary setting and there’s magic. At the moment I wrote about six thousand words for this novel. I’m not sure how long will it be ending, around 50k I think. Who knows for sure?

Also, on an partially related note, I’ve decided to change a little my publishing plans. My stories will now be published on Monday instead of Friday. I figured that in summer people are more likely to be home reading on a week night, instead of the weekend. So the first HMO story will be up on my blog Monday May, 29th 2017 and on the same day I’ll publish the MerMay short story on my Patreon page. The MerMay story will be on this blog, free for everyone to read, Monday June, 5th 2017.

I hope you all have a good week!

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