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Suzy of the House of Miller

Hi folks, it’s Friday! Which means, above all, that my first story is up on my Patreon page! I must admit I’m quite nervous and excited about it.

You may be thinking “Yep, not a patron…” and it’s totally fine, I’ll publish the story also here on my blog next Friday. I could publish it directly, since I don’t have any patron at the moment, but I like when things are consistent, so it stays the way I planned it.

But I also do care about my readers and so I’ll spend today’s post to point you toward a very funny (and short) story to read, while you wait for mine next week.

The story was originally written by Haredrier on his Tumblr “Egg’s Endless Emporium” and it’s based on this prompt

All the gods of myth and legend are real, but having your prayers answered depends on discovering which god can hear you. You figured out which god is listening to your prayers, but they’re not what you expected.

You can find the story of “Suzy of the House Miller” here: Haredrier Wattpad

Here’s a quick preview, just to motivate you, but trust me the story gets better chapter by chapter

Suzy was dissapointed. Most people her age had discovered their deity so far, and she was starting to think she was godless. She turned the next page of _McBayers’ Little Book of Deities, and tried reading their names aloud to see if she’d get a reaction. It had taken her weeks just to get through Chinese spirits and deities, and had finally reached the first page of _Egyptian Gods and you.

“Ammit? Amun? Anhur?” Nothing. Her heart slowly sank again. Three more tries, and she’d stop for now.


The ground shook. The lights in Suzy’s room flickered and went out. A single flame hovered in the middle of the room, and as it grew to a blaze it changed form. Within the blink of an eye, there was a tall figure standing in Suzy’s room. The body of a man, and the head of a jackal. His eyes shone bright as he peered at her.


“You’re the deity that answers my prayers?”


Suzy thought for a moment. “O great and mighty Anubis who rules over the afterlife, can I please have a puppy?”

Here’s a quick list of Haredrier’s social media contact, if you want to follow (and sustain) his writing:
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/haredrier
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/haredrier
Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/haredrier
Tumblr: http://eggheademporium.tumblr.com/

I’m really enjoying writing prompts lately, and actually most of the stories I’ve written come from prompts. My current project started with a very short prompt (no spoiler! 😛 ) and stayed in the back of my head for like two weeks. Then one day I realized that I kept thinking about it, and I just wanted to write that story. I think it’s funny how feral writing is to me: the more I plan, the more I look into a project, the less I’m motivated to write that story. Give me a funny prompt found on reddit and bam! I’m 3 thousands words in in two days.

I don’t know how I feel about contests instead. I was thinking about NaNoWriMo, but it seems very hard, and I still feel quite amateurish, both in my craft and my commitment. On the other hand there’s a challenge going on right now, MerMay! Technically it is an illustrator challenge, and I heard about it from my fiancee, who is an artist. But it seems and interesting cue, and it is less daunting.

I’ll try. I’ll try to write a short story about mermaids and publish it next week, before the end of May. I’ll keep you posted!

Remember to check my Patreon page to download the first story. Have a nice day, Paolo.

Posted on May 19, 2017 in links & tips, writing

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