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Bosi Paolo Making your books look awesome Graphic Design


I work to make your book look as awesome as you dreamed

Who am I?

Design, book layout and typesetting are my passions. I love to take a work and make it as readable and appealing as possible. Right now I’m working on several projects as a freelance graphic designer and book layout artist.

My primary hobby is gaming: I love tabletop RPGs, boardgames and videogames. I make video commentary about videogames and design some games of my own. I’m also preparing to publish my first RPGs for which I plan on using a crowdfunding site like IndieGoGo.

I’m 33 years old and live with my fiancé.

Why Choose Me?

Before my current job, I worked as accountant for over 10 years. I’ve learned to be precise, organized and to carefully count my time. This helps me a lot in my current job, as I’ve been able to manage both big projects and small ones.

Check the work I did for the Italian edition of Dungeon World (project management, book layout for 256 pages A4 format, over 80 illustrations) and Shahida (300 pages, A5 format, I’ve both managed the project, translated it and did the layout).

What’s New?

I’m making a blog where I’ll post stuff about my life, both work and hobby related. My current gaming love is Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, a digital collectible card game with quick mechanics and a deep layer of strategy. I do video commentary (in Italian) about the game, check my YouTube channel.

I’m also following an online course about graphic design and learning Adobe Premiere and Adobe Illustrator.

A Few Facts about myself




Varied expertises at your service

Adobe InDesign

I have great knowledge of Adobe InDesign (Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud). I’ve worked with it on all my projects, making layouts, typesetting books and also working with graphic vector elements. I’ve done a workshop on Digital Publishing and I’m working on the DPS version of my portfolio.

Typographic design

My first specialization is typographic design. I love the task of making a text as evocative and readable as possible. I’ve worked both with long text pages and text plus images pages. I’ve already worked with Google Fonts and I think it is really important to have a free and accessible font set for your project.

Gaming expertise

Gaming being my first hobby, I can offer you specialized expertise for laying out your gaming manual. Knowing how to place illustrations and tables into the text and how to best arrange information is very important both for readability and for passing the concept of your game to the reader.


My best qualities are precision and punctuality. I work as hard as possible to make realistic and complete milestone for every project I’m working on. This is also an excellent way to keep the customer involved in the design process.

Recommendations from previous contractors

Sage LaTorra, Sage Kobold Productions

Paolo’s work on the Italian version of Dungeon World is one of my favorite takes on the game: intricate but clean and full of depth.

Sage LaTorra, Sage Kobold Productions
Adam Koebel, Sage Kobold Productions

Paolo’s work took our text and made it magical – the Italian edition of Dungeon World is a thing of real beauty.

Adam Koebel, Sage Kobold Productions
Ron Edwards, Adept Press

Paolo did a superb job with Shahida under heavy deadline for both translation and graphics. The book meets the highest standards.

Ron Edwards, Adept Press
Michael Sands, Generic Games

Paolo did a fantastic job with the layout for the Italian edition of Monster of the Week. It looks great, and captures the spirit of the game just right.

Michael Sands, Generic Games
Claudia Cangini, Illustrator and designer

Paolo is organized, precise, good at communicating with clients and really masters Indesign. He’s also a passionate gamer, so just the kind of person you want to have laying out your game manual.

Claudia Cangini, Illustrator and designer
Derek A. Kamal, Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse

Paolo’s work is exceptional and creative! Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse would not be the quality book it is without his touch. He is also an absolute joy to work with.

Derek A. Kamal, Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse
Roberto Grassi, Levity

Paolo’s work shaped a set of text and images into a complete and “elegant” work. Definitely a very good job.

Roberto Grassi, Levity
MC Sport Ireland

Responsiveness and attention to detail was excellent.

MC Sport Ireland


My Featured Works and Case Studies so far



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